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September 21, 2019





November 28, 2018

Presented by: Cindy Lopez Steven Mendoza

Fractions: From the Ground Up!

Workshop #1478771

This workshop is vertically aligned and designed to build and/or enhance teachers’ knowledge of the development and progression of concepts and skills around fractions from grades 1-5. Knowledge of these skills at each grade level will assist in developing a better understanding of the fraction concepts so that teachers can design effective fraction instruction that is scaffolded for the purpose of closing student gaps. Participants will unpack grade 1 through grade 5 fraction TEKS and engage in the use of strategies, models, tools/manipulatives and best practices.

Grades 3-8

General Education, Special Education, Inclusion, and Intervention Teachers

December 5, 2018

Presented by: Cindy Lopez Robyn Hernandez

A Vertical Look at Geometry and Measurement

Workshop #1478732

Discover essential and practical ideas for helping students cultivate habits of mind that lead to success in geometry and measurement. This training will focus on the learning progression of the concepts of geometry and measurement from Kindergarten through 5th grade. This content knowledge will assist teachers in filling student gaps by better understanding how these concepts build on each other from one grade level to the next. Teachers will analyze assessment items from TEA's Rapid Assessments and released STAAR items in order to identify the understandings, vocabulary, and rigor needed for effective geometry and measurement instruction.

Grades K-5

General Education, Special Education, Inclusion, and Intervention Teachers

December 13, 2018

Presented by: Steven Mendoza

Building Math Vocabulary for English Language Learners: 6-12 Math

Workshop # 1479197

Research shows that vocabulary knowledge is the single best predictor of ELLs academic achievement. This training delves into Marzano’s Six-Step Process in building academic vocabulary. Participants will engage in strategies and techniques that support English Language Learners in learning math vocabulary. These strategies will provide mathematics teachers with effective practices for incorporating the TEKS and the ELPS in daily instruction to increase the likelihood of ELLs success in the mathematics classroom.

Grades 6-12

Math Teachers, ESL, and Special Education Math Teachers


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