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September 21, 2020
The Mathematics team provides a menu of services that enhance the ability of teachers, campuses, and local education agencies (LEAs) to teach the Mathematics Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and prepare all teachers to lead their students to success. Specialists are also available to customize and deliver professional development that spotlights TEKS-driven, high quality instruction that meets the needs of your LEA. All professional development incorporates instructional strategies designed to develop rigor and competence in all mathematical concepts.  
  Services include:
     • Facilitated planning
     • Onsite professional development
     • Custom designed trainings
     • Resources for concept development
     • Networking with regional math teachers
     • Reduced fee for ESC-2 professional development for members of the Math/Science Cooperative
     • Instructional coaching
     • Classroom observations and feedback
     • Data analysis
     • Data-driven interventions
     • TEKS alignment support
     • TEKS/STAAR training and support Technical Assistance
     • Technical assistance includes unlimited email and phone support Products




Texas Home Learning is an optional, aligned suite of resources for the new learning environment.

Texas educators can use Texas Home Learning (THL) fully or in part. It includes access to high-quality, TEKS-aligned instructional materials for prekindergarten through grade 12, technology, and professional development opportunities to support implementation for in-person and remote settings.


COVID-19 Response for Instructional Continuity



     Math Online Resources



Spring 2020 Update to STAAR Calculator Policy  


The following clarification has been added to the STAAR Calculator Policy and will be effective beginning with the spring administration in 2020. This clarifying information has been added to the second paragraph under “Additional Information About Calculators.”

If included on the device, the following functions must be disabled in graphing handheld calculators and graphing applications during testing:

  • Geometry functions
  • Graphing implicit equations and inequalities
  • Graphing inequalities (calculator/application automatically interprets the inequality symbol)
  • Functions that automatically calculate mean absolute deviation

For specific assistance in appropriately preparing calculators and graphing applications for use during testing, contact the manufacturer.

You can access the complete Calculator Policy here.

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